We can and we will create peace on Earth..

We can – and want to bring peace to the world….
Will you join us?

Heartvisit will build an app, that can help you to record your inner stillness – and give you the oppertunity to donate it to the worldpeace. The app will communicate directly with heartvisit.com and give you a unique chance to strengthen the peace on earth.

Heartvisit will be built in two main parts – a site with member access and an app that helps detect inner peace. As a user the app will offer you guided meditations and a time tracking function that measures the achieved peace.

It is here possible to donate the calmness on to the world through the website. It brings together all the information and gives an overview of the amount of tranquility you specifically provided, as well as an overview of all the peace that all users have created.

It is an expensive task and heartvisit therefore ask you for your support.
Make a difference and help bringing peace to the world!

Our idea

The solution is very simple, it is inside you.
Only by creating calmness within yourself, will we – together – affect the collective consciousness for peace.
The collective consciousness, ie The sum of all human thoughts and feelings have a huge impact on the individual.
You can compare collective awareness with the music that constantly fills the room.

We choose – in Heartvisit – deliberately to influence the collective consciousness by asking individuals to help in a positive conscious way.

The method is quite simple

By enabling as many contributors – to seek out their inner peace in their own way – as often as possible – and then, donate it to the earth – so will collective awareness be filled with peace 🙂

We already provide – and now we have to do it consciously – through our mental calmness, strength and unity.
The collective consciousness is, as said, the overall mental and emotional mass, daily being enriched by what we think and feel.
This influence is fully automatic and unavoidable, and thus become the collective consciousness the space, in which we operate, created by all of us.
Move now consciously into your own inner peace and, again, consciously give this to the collective consciousness. Together we are stronger!
The result will be so significant, that it inevitably would bring peace.

Peace is no longer utopia – it is possible !!



Heartvisit Team 2015




Our Heartvisit app

We are about to create our own app, which you can use whenever you want to contribute with world peace.

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